Wildman (10 capsule pack)

From the makers of Schwinnng, this is an all-new formula designed to bring you the results you want very quickly. Taken on an empty stomach, this product should produce desired effects within 30 minutes. Based on proven natural testosterone boosters such as Tribulus, Muira Palma, Eurycoma Longfolia and a few others, this formula helps to increase testosterone production, libido and will enhance any physical workout. Please note that this product is not as strong as Schwinnng, nor is it intended to be.

Directions: Take one or two capsules approximately 30 minutes to one hour before desired effect. For best results, take on empty stomach. Be sure to stay hydrated when using this supplement.

  • Enhance Stamina, Strength, Energy & Sexual Desire
  • Works in 30 minutes ~ Lasts up to 4 Days
  • NEW All Natural No Headache Formula
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass ~ Increase Free Testosterone
  • Bring Out The BEAST in YOU ~ Money Back Guarantee

Price: $29.99

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