Not all supplements are equal. Some have high bioavailability, which means your body has an easy time absorbing and using the nutrients, but some are not easily absorbed. Your body either gets rid of the nutrients altogether, or absorbs only a fraction of what you need.

The search for a better way to deliver important nutrients led to a breakthrough discovery. BioReigns has developed an amazing, water-dissolvable delivery system that increases the absorption of low bioavailability molecules. This technology, BioCx, works with your natural biochemistry, helping your body absorb the ingredients it needs to power your life. And that's what BioReigns stands for: a better you.


The BioReigns Lab didn't set out to develop a product. BioReigns was started to find a better way to deliver nutrients to the body. Our exclusive BioCx technology enhances absorption by delivering nutrients in water-dissolvable complex. And this technology allows us to develop formulas around hydrophobic molecules the body has a difficult time absorbing. And we believe this is the future of wellness - working with your body, instead of against it.

Bioreigns products must be purchased separately from the rest of the products on this website.

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