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What Does a Male Enhancer Actually Do?

Published April 14th, 2022 by Male Sex Enhancer

Did you know that erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety are two separate issues? Though linked, performance anxiety relates specifically to the worry of underperforming during sex. But did you know there are products to help boost your confidence and performance?

These are known as male enhancements and there are plenty to choose from. Read on as we discuss the male enhancer and how to make them work for you.

What Is a Male Enhancement?

Male enhancement is a term used for products and devices that aim to assist men before and during sexual intercourse. They are usually concerned with prolonging sexual performance, staving off ejaculation, or enlarging the penis. 

Sprays and pills are the most common products on offer. However, there are other methods you can employ if you are seeking alternative methods of male enhancement. In some situations, you may consider combining them. 


Pills are often made from several herbal ingredients known to improve stamina and give a libido boost. They should stave off tiredness and keep the mind alert. While doing so, they will heighten arousal and allow more blood to flow to the penis.

Some of these have very good reputations while others are less effective. Do your research before buying. If you have any medical conditions you should also consult a doctor before use. 

Lotions and Sprays

Lotions and sprays are both designed to be added to the penis, either at the head or shaft. They act differently from pills as their purpose is to numb the sensations of sex. This helps increase the amount of time love can be made before ejaculation is reached. 

Vacuum Pumps

A pump works by drawing blood into the penis using a vacuum technique. This can make it look larger for a temporary time. They should be used sparingly as overuse can damage tissues and the elasticity of the penis. 

Do Enhancement Pills Work?

The most popular of all these are enhancement pills. However, many people wonder if they do work.

Effectiveness is determined by the person and the product being used. Most products will contain the ingredients listed below which are believed to aid in sexual performance. 

  • Ashwagandha
  • Maca Root
  • Black Ginger Extract
  • Ginseng
  • Yohimbe Extract

Each of these comes from a different part of the world and has played a part in traditional medicine as a form of treatment for erectile dysfunction and to improve sexual performance. As they are individual ingredients, differing studies have been done on them all to ascertain their effectiveness.

This is one of the reasons many of them are not approved by the FDA. As each brand of the pill will have different ingredients and amounts, it is hard to study them all under one umbrella term. Check the ingredients to see what amounts are in pills you buy and research separately. 

Myths About Penis Length

Many people pursue male enhancement to enlarge the size of the penis. However, the media has led to many misconceptions about penis size. Most men who think their penises are too small have average-sized penises.

The average erect penis is around 5 inches or 13 cm in length when erect. Medically, a penis is only considered small if it is less than three inches or 7.5 centimeters when erect. 


Surgery is only recommended after you have tried all the sex tips for men and male enhancement products. The reason for this is that it has a high level of risk and is not proven to work. A doctor would only discuss these types of operations for functional reasons such as treating injury or deformity. 

There is no surgical way to extend the length of the penis. An operation to cut the suspensory ligament in the penis can add half an inch to the flaccid penis. It only cuts the tether to the pubic bone, dropping it somewhat to give the appearance of added length

Sex Tips for Men

All of these products will produce better results if you combine them with other pursuits. Below are essential tips that you should consider in conjunction with male enhancement products. 

Speak to Your Partner

The first step is to speak with your partner. If you have been together a long time, it is easy for a disconnect to foster, even if you don't realize it. For some people, that may be easy to see and tensions may be something hampering sexual performance. 

If you do think you are having other relationship problems, discuss them and get help. You can not expect to fix the sexual part of your relationship if other elements are not working. 

When that is fine, take time to discuss sex, desires, likes, and dislikes. While it may be intimidating at first you will soon be glad you did. 

Get Healthy

When you are overweight, it can hamper your sexual prowess in several ways. Aesthetically, the fat from the belly can make the penis appear shorter. This can result in a lack of confidence. 

Being unfit also has a natural impact on stamina. You can't physically last longer. Both of these can be rectified by a change in diet and regular exercise. 

As well as physical health, your mental health is also important. Try to reduce your levels of stress and if you suffer from anxiety, work out an effective method to deal with it. 

Finding a Male Enhancer

All you now need to do is try a male enhancer for yourself. If you are wondering which will work best, keep in mind that you can have a lot of fun trying them! The excitement they can bring to sex sessions can be just as arousing as the effect of the product. 

Sex Enhancers should be your first stop for enhancement products. From pills to gels, we can help increase your potency. Click here to see the whole range and let us keep you going all night long. 

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