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The Best Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure

Published February 2nd, 2023 by Male Sex Enhancer

Most couples have sex between once per week and once a month. It's important for ensuring that a relationship remains healthy, stays on track, and intimacy remains.

A good sex life can even save your marriage. 10 times a year or less is considered a "sexless life" by professionals. So, you'll want to stay active in the bedroom.

Are you looking to spice up your sex life? Then, we've got the best sex positions for maximal pleasure. Here, we'll give them to you.

Read on to find out more.

Edge of the Bed Sex

This is a position that both men and women love. It involves good riding.

The woman lies on her back with her hips at the edge of the bed and her legs spread open and the man penetrates from underneath her legs.

She can lie with her legs on his stomach also and put her feet on his chest area. This enables her what angle she'd like to penetrate from.

Coital Alignment Technique

Coital Alignment Technique, also known as CAT, is one where the clitoris gets invigorated. It's kind of like the missionary position, except there are some differences.

The woman has her legs kept together and the man's separated. The man then uses his legs to move his body for better sex.

It may only allow about an inch of the man's penis inside the vagina. But that's not to fret. It can still ensure a lot of pleasure gets given. The woman still gets full stimulation as does the man.

Sunday Afternoon Sex Position

This is another of the top sex positions that enhances clitoris invigoration. Legs are in the position of scissors.

The woman lies fully on her back with the man on the side. After changing positions so that one leg is over his hip, the other leg can be used to pull him in closer.

Amazon Sex Position

This position needs so extra effort and stretching. But it is intimate. Here, the woman dominates. 

The man lies with his back on the bed and clings his legs to his stomach. The woman then sits down on him. He wraps his legs over hers and the penetration begins. 

A little flexibility is all that's needed for a better sex life with this one.

Mastery Position

This technique is simple yet effective for good sex. But it does give the woman more control over the position. Here, he gets a hold of both her breasts and clitoris.

Face-to-face interaction here improves intimacy. He is sitting with her on his lap. She kneels down with her legs wrapped around his.

Partners get the choice of getting closer together or moving slightly away for different feelings. It's also known as the kneeling position.

Pirates Boundary Position

This is a different kind of position that you might have tried before. It enables both deep penetration and clitoris stimulation. The woman lies down here flat on her back and the man kneels down.

She lifts her legs onto her partner's shoulder. The other can be put onto his thigh. The man kneels down and the action begins.

A pillow can also add comfort to make the experience even better for the lady.

Doggy Style Sex

We all know about doggy style. But here, we'll explain how it's done.

With the woman standing, the guy penetrates from behind. They can move back and forward or the man can take over. 

It can be done fast or slowly. Hands can be used to simply stimulate the clitoris while you have an amazing time.

But don't forget that foreplay also has its role in getting ready for this position.

Scissors Sex Position

It might not be the easiest to explain, but it's an easy sex position to engage in. The woman lies on her back with her legs intertwined with her partner's. 

Her clitoris is put on top of his leg and then the fun begins. It's not as common as other sex positions, but it can be an enjoyable one to get into.

Cow Girl

The guy lies flat on his back while the female hunches down in a squatting position. Then, the riding begins.

Men tend to enjoy this position because of the view it offers. It's also pretty simple in comparison to other sex positions such as the scissor sex position. 

Women love it since it allows them control over the pace of the action, as well as the angle. Stimulation over the clitoris is also simple with this position. 

His or Her Favorite

If you want to know what position your partner loves, don't be afraid to ask them. They'll have a good idea of what sex it is they like the most. Whatever turns them on can be great for your sex life. 

For some it's doggy style, for others it involves some form of sex that's face-to-face and for another, it can be a position that stimulates the clitoris. Sometimes even kissing while doing it can add romance into the equation and make both you and them feel more in love.

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Improving your sex life can work wonders for your relationship. Here, we've shown you the best sex positions so that you can enjoy the ride of your life.

From Sunday afternoon sex to cowgirl, pirates boundary position, and more, you now know how to perform them to get the best action in bed. That way, your sex life will never be the same again.

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