How to Make Him Last Longer in Bed: 5 Things to Try

Published August 26th, 2020 by Male Sex Enhancer

Sex is an important part of most relationships, and when it ends prematurely, both partners can be left unhappy. Women often feel the brunt of this problem from their male partners but are too embarrassed to talk about it. Sometimes they feel guilty for being dissatisfied. 

What can you do about this situation? Does anyone know how to make him last longer in the bedroom? 

We're here to offer some advice. Keep reading for our tips to make your intimate activities last longer in the bedroom.

1. Don't Quit

Sometimes you need to have a round 2 or 3 to get things where you want them to be. Round 1 can be foreplay if that's better for you (and it most likely will be given the percentage of women who routinely orgasm from penetrative sex).

Considering most men can't immediately orgasm after the first time, there should be a bit of extra time to play with. 

This might take some trial and error, but it will be fun trying. 

2. Slow Down

To put this gently, some men don't realize that the way to their partner's heart isn't by aggressively going at it as fast as they can.

You're both going to have to take it slow if you want to work to a point where he can last longer in the bedroom. 

Similar to #1, this is going to be a process. It won't work every time, but getting to the point where you know what works is going to be a fun (if frustrating) time. 

3. Use Condoms

While you should always be using condoms with partners that you're less experienced with (or when you want to avoid pregnancy), many people who are in committed relationships opt to stop using them. 

In reality, condoms might be a solution to your problem. They can provide enough of a barrier to desensitize him. 

If you already use condoms, this trick might not work for you. If you don't, try them at least once or twice to see if they can provide a temporary fix. 

4. Try Different Positions

Some positions are too much for your man to handle. One of the tricks to last longer that many try is switching positions.

This is a great option. It will help both of you to try new things and you might find out that you like something that you never would have otherwise tried.

5. Try Some External Help

Sometimes doing things the old-fashioned way won't cut it. There's no shame in trying an enhancement product to improve your sex life. 

There are many options so there's going to be one that works for you and your partner. Shop around and see what you like best.

Do You Know How to Make Him Last Longer In Bed?

When it comes to figuring out how to make him last longer in bed, there are many things that you can try with your partner. Even if it's hard to find the right answer, part of the fun will be in the journey. 

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