7 Great Ways to Rekindle Your Sex Life

Published November 8th, 2021 by Male Sex Enhancer

Are you sleeping in a dead bedroom?

No, we're not talking about that withered houseplant on your windowsill. A dead bedroom occurs when one or both partners in a relationship are having less sex than they'd prefer. In a clinical setting, this equals less than six times per year.

What can you do to boost your love life and reclaim your sexual prowess? Here are seven things you can try today.

1. Spend More Time Apart

Fire needs air to survive, right? The same is true of your relationship — it needs "air" to keep burning.

If you and your partner are always joined at the hip, there's no time to miss each other, let alone generate any sexual tension. So go out with your friends and engage in your favorite hobbies (separately) so you have more to talk about when you're together again.

2. Experiment Together

Many couples simply get stuck in a rut in the bedroom. Rather than going through the motions, why not think of some ways to spice things up?

This could include trying new positions, role-playing, using sex toys, or studying the kama sutra. You might try having sex in a new and exciting place — maybe even somewhere public!

3. Get More Exercise

If you don't feel confident about your own body, why would you expect your partner to get excited about it?

Get off the couch and do something you enjoy. This could involve playing sports with your friends, hitting the gym, or taking the dog for a hike.

4. Address Your Lack of Libido

It's natural for your libido to wane as you get older or when you're facing major changes and stressful situations. 

If this sounds like you, get a checkup and make sure a hormonal imbalance or other health condition isn't a factor. Then consider trying some supplements that give your libido a natural boost.

5. Keep (Some) of Your Clothes On

Harken back to your high-school make-out days and get things sizzling by not getting fully undressed.

Ladies, try fooling around in a short skirt and high heels without wearing your underwear (or surprise your partner with a pair of crotchless panties). Men can get "almost" naked by going commando and simply unzipping their jeans when it's time for action.

6. Send Naughty Messages

To get your partner excited about coming home, send a suggestive text or provocative photo.

You could write something like, "I want you to _____ my ______ slowly while you _____ with your ______." Make it funny, flirty, dirty, or mysterious — the choice is up to you!

7. Prioritize Physical Touch

Intimacy is about more than just a sexual connection. One of the easiest ways to rekindle your romance is to include more touch in your everyday routine.

Hold hands, stop for a kiss, give each other neck massages, or cuddle on the couch. Even increasing the duration of your hugs can help to ignite that sexual spark.

Breathe New Life Into That Dead Bedroom

A dead bedroom doesn't have to stay that way. Use the tips listed above to boost your love life and reignite your time in the bedroom!

As mentioned above, there are a host of safe, natural products you can use to boost both male libido and female libido. Click here to see which products are perfect for your needs.

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