5 Great Female Libido Boosters You Need To Know About

Published July 29th, 2020 by Male Sex Enhancer

Did you know that 34% of women who live with their partner lose interest in sex? 

Do you think your partner is bored with having sex with you? Are you looking for a female libido booster? Look no further!

After you introduce some of these arousing libido boosters into your love life, your partner won't be able to get enough. Let's get started:

1. Crack Open a Bottle of Red

Does your partner love wine? Then why not buy them a bottle of delicious red as an evening treat after a long week?

Red wine is an aphrodisiac that also has many health benefits from protecting your heart to adding antioxidants to your diet. 

The safe recommended amount of wine to drink is just one glass per day. But, remember that drinking too much alcohol will decrease your libido!

2. An Apple a Day Makes the Libido Stay

Amazingly, women who eat apples regularly report having a higher sex drive than those who do not consume the tasty, round fruit. 

Why not pack yours and your partner's lunch box with apple slices and a delicious peanut butter dip?

Although more research needs to be done to figure out why apples have such an effect on your sex drive, it's worth giving the fruit a go! 

3. Try Shaking up Your Lifestyle

Do you spend every single night in the house while eating dinner on your lap in front of the TV? This could be ruining your libido.

In order to boost yours and your partner's sex drive, you need to shake things up. Treat your partner to a date night, cook them their favorite meal, or try a new activity together. 

By shaking up your life, you will have more to talk about. Furthermore, why not begin socializing with your partner? There is nothing sexier than seeing someone else desire your loved one.

4. Start a Regular Exercise Routine

Did you know, working out can boost your sex drive? It doesn't seem to matter what form of exercise you choose either!

Why not go for a walk or a slow jog with your partner then make love afterward when you're both feeling sweaty and sexy?

Alternatively, you could do couples yoga in the house or go back to doing a sport that you loved as a teen.

However, remember to maintain a healthy level of exercise and do not restrict your diet too much, otherwise, you may see a decrease in your sex drive.

5. Try Our Dietary Supplements

Along with eating a healthy diet and getting enough regular exercise, why not also check out our dietary supplements?

These bad boys have been years in the making and are proven to improve your sex life no end.

La Femme is our specialist product for women which will help you feel beautiful both inside and out!

Which Female Libido Booster Will You Try?

Now you know how to boost your partner's libido, why not chat to them about which of these boosters you want to try together?

The right female libido booster may be simply adding a nutritional product to your diet or, ironically, it may be to start getting out of the house more. 

If you're a male who also needs to boost his libido, check out our products page for more ideas on how to get your sex drive revving! 

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